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School resources

A range of resources are available from this website to support PDHPE students and teachers. 

A range of free resources, including  A quick guide to drugs and alcohol, pamphlets and research guides are available from this website to support PDHPE students. These resources directly address curriculum outcomes relating to the study of drugs and alcohol.

These electronic and print resources also provide students with the opportunity to analyse and evaluate health services and information which is designed to address the needs of young people.

Key resources for students and teachers

A quick guide to drugs and alcohol, 3rd edition

This reference book contains information on a range of  different legal and illegal drugs, drug effects, drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment, statistics, drugs and the law and where to go for help and further information.

A - Z of drugs

An alphabetical index to information about a range of different legal and illegal drugs, indexed by proper and some popular street names.

Drug and alcohol research guide for PDHPE

This guide takes you to key websites, eresources, books and information about drugs and alcohol for PDHPE students.

Use the guide to find sources of information about:

  • drug use including polydrug use, drug treatment and dependence
  • specific drugs, including their long and short term effects, how they are used, legal status and information on mixing drugs
  • adolescent drug use
  • consequences of drug use
  • statistics and reports
  • drug trends and policies
  • how to analyse and assess online health information.

Drug and alcohol issues

Use the Drugs and Alcohol sections of the website to find information about issues such as drugs and alcohol and the law, binge drinking, drugs in sport, drugs and the workplace and more.

Pamphlets and factsheets

Visit the Your Room website for drug and alcohol pamphlets, posters and factsheets to order or download. 

Standard drink information

Visit our section on standard drinks and the Australian Alcohol Guidelines to learn about standard drinks.

Drug Info also produces a 'Know Your Standards' business card sized pocket guide which features illustrated standard drink measurements for light beer, full strength beer, red/white wine, champagne, spirits (shots and pre-mix) and cider (middy and bottle) as well as tips to keep safe.

Pocket guides are available to order for PDHPE teachers, school libraries, public libraries and other organisations.