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    Author Talks

    The Library’s author talks are enlightening, funny, sad, controversial, joyous, heartwarming and are always entertaining.

    The B List bookclub

    Each month, Bri is in conversation with a contemporary author followed by a Q&A session. View all past recordings of the B List here.

    Curator's Choice

    Our Curators discuss the Library’s amazing collections and share their favourite stories.

    Scholar Talks

    Scholar Talks showcase the work of the Library's Fellows and other researchers. Each presentation is an opportunity for researchers to share their research experiences and exchange ideas.

    Talking Deadly with Travis De Vries

    Each fortnight, Travis De Vries hosts a special Talking Deadly series with artists whose work responds to the 250th anniversary of Cook’s arrival in Kamay (Botany Bay) and to Cook’s legacy from a First Nations perspective.

    Featured past events

    World Book Day: Hits & Misses

    23 April 2021

    Join us on World Book Day for an impassioned exploration of the books that get our hearts pumping and our blood boiling, and tell us if you agree with our panel’s verdicts.

    A Body in Your Library

    14 May 2020

    Crime stories (crime fiction and true crime) often tell tales of great trauma, but the usually clear resolutions to even the most dreadful crimes give us a sense of hope.

    World Press Photo with Ella Archibald-Binge & Rhett Wyman

    From the rainforests of Cape York to the dusty plains of western NSW, Rhett and Ella have been travelling the country to capture fresh perspectives on the summer bushfires, the Black Lives Matter movement and the Closing the Gap strategy.

    DX Lab Fellowship #3: Mauricio Giraldo presents on the making of Aereo

    Watch DX Lab Fellow, Mauricio Giraldo, present on the making of Aereo.


    The Gatherings Order

    Rake through our archives with historians, public health experts and scientists to trace the path of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. 

    The Burial Files

    Stream (or binge!) all nine episodes of The Burial Files now for a journey back to 19th century Sydney, and rediscover a place you thought you knew.

    The Bridge: the Arch that Cut the Sky

    A fascinating five-part series retracing the tumultuous history of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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