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Ordering digital images and archival prints

A handy guide on how to order digital copies of Library images and archival prints

Getting digital copies of images

You can order digital copies of images from the Library’s collections.

Before we can process your order, we will need to confirm that the image can be copied. We will email you a payment form to complete if we can copy the image. Payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) or cheque is accepted.

Let us know about any custom imaging requirements you have on the order form.

Check if you need permission to copy, reproduce or publish before ordering. Use of digital copies of in-copyright material requires a request for permission unless your use falls within one of the exceptions, such as research or study.

Order now

If you have any enquiries in regards to your digital order, please contact

ImageSpecificationsDelivery methods

General purpose

Suitable for general use, web or print reproduction (up to A4)

File size: Approx. 1 MB
Format: JPEG
Quality: 300 dpi
Colour: RGB or Greyscale
  • File may be compressed to achieve desired file size
  • Scaled to 25 cm on longest side
  • Cropped to relevant image
  • Rulers, tags and colour bars are not shown
  • Post (CD/DVD)
  • FTP
  • Email
  • Collect from the Library (CD/DVD)

High resolution

Suitable for reproduction in publications, exhibitions and large scale printing

File size: 20-70 MB
Format: JPEG or TIFF
Quality: 300 dpi
Colour: RGB or Greyscale
  • File size varies depending use and type of material
  • Scaling depends on type of material
  • Full edges of item and scales, tags and colour bars are shown
  • Post (CD/DVD)
  • FTP
  • Collect from the Library (CD/DVD)

Digital image prices

(15 business days)
(10 business days)
(5 business days)
General purpose$22 per image$33 per image$44 per image
High resolution$45 per image$67.50 per image$90 per image

Delivery methods and prices

Standard Post (Australia)$6.60CD or DVD format
Express Post (Australia)$9.90CD or DVD format
Express Post (International)$20CD or DVD format
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)FreeGeneral purpose (JPEG) and high resolution images (JPEG or TIFF)
EmailFreeGeneral purpose images (JPEG)
Collect from the LibraryFreeCD or DVD format

All prices include 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax). International orders are exempt from GST. Prices are subject to change without notification.

Reproduction and publishing permissions

You need permission from the publisher or copyright owner to reproduce or publish images that are under copyright. You may also need to request permission from the Library to reproduce and publish the image.

The Library is not responsible for any costs or claims of copyright infringement in relation to copies of images supplied.

Learn more about permissions and publishing.

Getting prints of digital images

The Library Shop can organise prints of digital images that you’ve purchased from the Library's collections.

How to order fine art

The Library Shop can supply digital archival prints of material from the Library 's collection. Some of these prints can be ordered online.

Allow 21 days for print production.


  • High quality digital prints
  • On archival acid free paper
  • No need to order a digital scan
  • We use existing State Library high resolution scans
  • If the item has a digital ID # we can supply it
  • Printed to the most exacting standards
  • Suitable for display and framing
  • Posted out or pick up from Library Shop

All prices shown include 10% GST. International orders are exempt from GST.

Ordering digital archive prints

The Library has a plethora of digital archival prints you're welcome to explore and order. Complete the order form, quoting the digital order number (starts with 'a'). Send your order form to the Library Shop (payment must accompany the order) or visit the Shop when at the Library.

You can also order online a selection of prints from our Shop.

Contact the Library Shop

Delivery times

Digital archival prints can be supplied within 21 days of placing an order. 

About our digital archival prints

The Library Shop contracts one of Sydney's best fine art printers to produce its quality Giclee (pronounced 'gee-clay') prints of images held in the Library's collections.

The Giclee printing process was born in the early 1990s. Since then, the technology has advanced immeasurably in terms of equipment, media, inks and craftsmanship.

Some original watercolours and most lithographs will fade faster than a well-made Giclee. Unlike lithographs and serigraphs, Giclees have undergone extensive, third-party fade-testing. While the predicted display life depends on many variables, under typical home or office lighting, Giclees made with wide-gamut pigmented inks are estimated to last over 90 years without noticeably fading.

To view a range of Library images, visit The Library Shop or search the Library's pictures and manuscripts collection as well as other online collections.