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Promotional material

Please use the official Tech Savvy Seniors logos and poster templates when promoting your training sessions.   


The logo block includes the NSW Government, Telstra and State Library of NSW logos.  If you use your library- or council-branded marketing materials to promote your sessions, you must include the Tech Savvy Seniors logo block.  

Tech Savvy Seniors logo block.jpg

Poster and flyer templates – English

An A3 poster template and DL-leaflet template are available.  These are PDF documents with editable fields where you can type the details of your library sessions and then print.

PDF iconTSS NSW A3 poster template.pdf

PDF iconTSS NSW DL flyer template.pdf


Poster templates - languages

Bilingual poster templates are available.  Any posters or marketing materials that you produce for CALD sessions should be bilingual, with text in English and in the respective language.  

PDF iconTSS poster Arabic.pdf

PDF iconTSS poster Bengali.pdf

TSS poster Chinese Simplified.pdf

TSS poster Chinese Traditional.pdf

TSS poster Dari.pdf

TSS poster Greek.pdf

TSS poster Hindi.pdf

TSS poster Italian.pdf

PDF iconTSS poster Korean.pdf

PDF iconTSS poster Russian.pdf

PDF iconTSS Poster Spanish.pdf

TSS poster Vietnamese.pdf