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Professional development and events

Public Library Services staff coordinate a Professional Development program for New South Wales public library staff.

Professional development course information

Information about courses and training run by Public Library Services.


Information about seminars for NSW public library staff.

Upcoming events - Professional development

Our Events calendar provides details of upcoming events at the State Library as well as other events that may be of interest to NSW public library staff.

Past events - Professional development

Events run by Public Library Services at the State Library are filmed or captured on slideshare when possible.

Online learning

23 Mobile Things

An online self-paced course exploring social media and other online tools.

Learning 2.1

A blog exploring technologies libraries are using to offer and promote services. The next step from Learning 2.0.

Learning 2.0

An online program developed by State Library staff, based on the original 23 Things course created by Helene Blowers.