Winter mocktail

Have a warm night in with Drug Info's latest mocktail recipe

This winter, Drug Info is celebrating cosy nights in with a great book. With The Toddy in the Library we have the perfect accompaniment.

Agatha Christie's 1942 book The Body in the Library is the inspiration for a steamy noirish winter warmer. Combining tea with rich flavours of lemon, honey and cinnamon, The Toddy in the Library goes well with a classic murder mystery or the latest chilling thriller. Whatever your literary taste, make it a Toddy in the Library to keep warm and alcohol-free on these cold winter nights.

The Toddy in the Library is the latest addition to Drug Info’s collection of book-themed, alcohol-free drinks with flavours to suit all palates. Mocktails are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks for designated drivers, pregnant women, people wanting to reduce their alcohol intake, young people or anyone who wants to avoid alcohol. 

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