Summer Mocktails

Celebrate in the sunshine with Drug Info’s delicious summer mocktails

In his book Australian summer, the great English cricket writer Neville Cardus wrote that Australians are constantly going somewhere or doing something, playing a game or wallowing in the sunshine or surf on the beaches. To prepare for a summer of exactly this, the Drug Info team have concocted two summery additions to our collection of literary mocktails. Mocktails are a fun, refreshing alternative to alcohol and make the perfect accompaniment to any summer activity. Mokctail recipe cards Fraise in the Sun and Bah Humbug

With its cricket theme, Fraise in the Sun makes the perfect accompaniment to those of us keenly anticipating the resumption of the Ashes. The title is inspired by Cardus’ cricketing classic Days in the Sun, and with a refreshing mix of strawberry, apple and ginger, Fraise in the Sun will be enjoyed by cricket lovers and non cricket lovers alike.

Looking to reduce your alcohol intake over the festive season? Try a Bah Humbug, our lime and pomegranate homage to Dickens. Get into the spirit sans spirits with this delicious, zesty summer blend.

Fraise in the Sun and Bah Humbug join Drug Info’s collection of book-themed, alcohol-free drinks with flavours to suit all palates. Mocktails are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks for designated drivers, pregnant women, people wanting to reduce their alcohol intake, young people or anyone who wants to avoid alcohol. 

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