Art Club for Kids

ART CLUB – Term 4

Art educator Andrea is back in Term 4 with another set of paintings from the Paintings Gallery to inspire you in these hands-on workshops. Join up online and join in the fun. 

This program is suitable for primary school children.

Unleash your inner artist - join up for some arty fun!

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Art Club Main Theme

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Art Club 6 - Neighbourhood Watch

October 15

What does your street look like?

Art Club 7 - Al Fresco

October 29

A lovely afternoon repose with friends is elegantly captured in this scene by Herbert Badham.

Art Club 8 - Margaret Coen

November 12

Patterns are all around us.

Art Club 9 - George Street

November 26

This amazing artwork reflects the artist, Alfred Tischbauer’s outstanding skill at creating depth and realism using perspective.

Art Club 10 - Man with rabbit

December 10

Do you have a much loved pet? Try your hand at making a portrait of your favourite furry of feathered friend.   

Online Gallery

Jump in and have a look at some of the amazing artwork created by Art Club members!