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Art Club

A new term and a whole new bunch of artworks to look at!

Join us for more exciting and inspiring art adventures based on the State Library collections, and be encouraged in your own artmaking adventures at the same time.

This club is ideal for budding primary school-aged artists, who want to try some new ideas and get excited about hearing some of the stories behind the paintings at the State Library. It’s lots of fun and led by Andrea, our art educator.  

Art Club is held fortnightly during term time on Thursdays at 4 pm, beginning on 7 October.  

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Michelle - Fish

Online Gallery

Jump in and have a look at some of the amazing artwork created by Art Club members!

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The Convex Mirror, c 1916
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7 October 2021 — 4pm  

Everyone has a favourite artist and this week we look at some of yours and mine. We will take a close look at the very unusual painting entitled The convex mirror by George Washington Lambert and see what tricks this artist has used to create a circular painting.

We will also check out some new ideas for making artwork in a variety of fun ways.

Self Portrait, 1952 John Allcot, 1952
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21 October 2021 — 4pm

Lots of self portraits feature in the SLNSW collection and this week we look at what’s needed to make one. Getting to know John Allcot’s self-portrait will be our starting point, and he’s not at all as gruff as he looks!

Join me for a fun way to get started on creating your own unique and reflective self-portrait to show the ‘real’ you.

The Swimming Enclosure, 1941
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4 November 2021 — 4pm

Being able to draw people is a very handy skill indeed and this week we will look at how Herbert Badham has done just that in his painting The Swimming Enclosure, painted in 1941.  We will take a look at proportions of the human body and see how perspective and viewpoint both play a part in getting it right. 

Sydney Harbour, 1888 / painted by Charles Edward Conder, 1888
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18 November 2021 — 4pm

Ahh …the beauty of black and white! Charles Conder painted this scene of Sydney Harbour back in 1888 using only black and white paint, and on first glance is difficult to decipher. However closer inspection reveals quite amazing detail in the spectrum of greys.  We experiment with black and white this week, so grab some acrylic or watercolours for this session

In Cumberland Street, c 1902
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2 December 2021 — 4pm  

Travel back to 1902 Sydney and see painter Alice Muskett’s view of the Rocks at the site where the Sydney Harbour Bridge now stands. Oh… how things have changed! See how cleverly Alice Musket captured what was happening in the street back then and start a plan of your own personal streetscape artwork.