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Write a story

Student activities

Task no. 1

A trip down memory lane

Discuss the following with your class: 

  • Do you remember going to buy new shoes when you were younger? 
  • When did you buy new shoes?   
  • What happens when you go to buy shoes? 
  • Were there special reasons for buying new shoes? 
  • What is the best part of buying new shoes? 
  • What is the worst part of buying new shoes? 

Look at the photograph of young children trying on shoes, below. These children are buying new shoes at a department store. Notice the special seats, the raised platform, and the facial expressions of the children. Imagine you are one of the children. 

Write a story about your experience. Include the following: 

  • What happened at the shoe store? 
  • What you liked and disliked about the shoe store? 
  • What kind of shoes did you buy? Describe them 
  • Why did you need new shoes? 
Grace Bros shoe department, 26/9/1944
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