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Learning at the library

School Students & Teachers

Curriculum linked learning programs and resources promoting engagement, creativity and intellectual growth for students and teachers. Schools at the Library brochure

Kids & Families

Pre-school storytime and school holiday fun including creative workshops, tours of the magical Mitchell and special events.

Lifelong Learners

An exciting range of courses, talks and workshops for learners of any age and stage of learning. Lifelong Learning 2020 Brochure

Tertiary Student Groups

Free research orientation, self-guided programs, and tailored sessions for coursework or research degree help.

What's new

Kids Audio Guide

A new audio guide adventure for our Paintings from the Collection exhibition was created by kids, for kids.

WWI Resources for the Classroom

A collection of learning programs for Stage 5, videos, readings from WWI diaries, stories and primary source material WWI including maps, letters, and diaries.

Miles Franklin: The Girl from Talbingo

Using original sources and personal items from her collection discover her struggles and successes in following her dream to become a famous Australian author.

The Tablet of Sin-Kasid, King of Uruk

Students will investigate the emergence of writing and come to a greater understanding of the defining characteristics of the ancient civilisation of Sumer through an investigation of evidence provided in a cuneiform from c.1860 BCE.

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