Support and treatment

If you can’t wake someone up or you are concerned that they may have sustained a head injury from a drug or alcohol related fall – call an ambulance immediately – dial Triple Zero (000).

If the person has been mixing drugs with alcohol or other drugs, tell the NSW Ambulance paramedic exactly what they have taken.

Paramedics are there to help. Generally paramedics don’t involve the police unless there is danger to themselves or other people/children, someone dies, or a crime (such as violence or theft) has been committed.

Support and treatment

If drugs or alcohol are negatively impacting on your health, family, relationships, work, school or other social situations, you may need to seek help. Support services are available for you, your family and friends.

The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council provides links to Aboriginal community controlled health services across NSW. Visit for information about AHMRC members including a regional map, information and links to members websites.

There is also Aboriginal specific information about drug and alcohol support and treatment, including detox, counselling and treatment programs, on the Your Room website