Drug and alcohol information for families

Learn about drug and alcohol issues affecting families and where to go for help.

Your Room for Families

​Information to support families in NSW to reduce the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs, find support services and understand treatment options.

The Facts About Vaping

Vaping information for parents and carers from NSW Health.

Talking about it

This resource from Your Room talks about the damage of stigma and provides tips on language to use when talking with your family about alcohol or other drug dependence.

Alcohol, pregnancy and breastfeeding

Find information about alcohol use and pregnancy, breastfeeding and the health of babies.

The Other Talk

This booklet is a resource for parents on how to start talking about alcohol and other drugs with their child. 

Positive Choices - Parents & Families

Advice and information to help parents and families talk to their children about drugs and alcohol.

Read more about drugs and alcohol

Quick guide to drugs & alcohol

An easy to read reference book with information on a range of drugs, drug effects, drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment, statistics, drugs and the law and where to go for help and further information.

A to Z of Drugs

An alphabetical listing of common drugs and their street names.

Alcohol and drug use in the home

Coping with aggression, alcohol and drug use in the home

A free guide for teenagers to help them understand their right to feel safe, how to cope and find appropriate support.

Managing aggression, alcohol and drug use in the home

A free guide for those concerned about children 5-12 years, with activities designed to help family members or professionals engage with children.