Community action

What are Community Drug Action Teams, why are they important and how can you get involved?

​It's easy to feel helpless when we hear about all the alcohol and other drug problems facing our society and within our communities. But did you know there are tools available for you to make a difference?

The good news is that every community member has a real opportunity to contribute in reducing alcohol and other drugs (AOD) harms in their local area through joining a Community Drug Action Team (CDAT). 

What is a CDAT?

Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs) are informal groups of community members, Local Health Districts, and representatives from other government and non-government agencies who volunteer to work together on alcohol and other drugs (AOD) issues affecting their local community. There are more than 70 CDATs across NSW.

NSW Health has supported the CDAT Program since its creation in 1999.

The CDAT program is managed by an Odyssey House NSW-led consortium. Karralika Programs, Bila Muuji Aboriginal Corporation Health Service and The Buttery are also members of the consortium. 

Who can join a CDAT?

Anyone can join a CDAT. Members can include community members such as parents or youth and also community organizations, local council members and those from non for profit agencies.

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