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Australian alcohol guidelines

The Australian Alcohol Guidelines help people choose how much alcohol they drink, if any.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) publishes guidelines for reducing the health risks of drinking alcohol.

The Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol (2020) are based on a thorough evaluation of the evidence, and guided by a group of independent health experts including doctors, medical and public health professionals, researchers and consumer representatives.

The 2020 guidelines replace the previous version, published in 2009.

The guidelines inform Australians of the health risks of drinking alcohol and provide advice on how to keep these risks low. They help people choose how much alcohol they drink, if any.

Find more information from the NHMRC

Health advice - alcohol page - find links to a plain English summary and practical information about how to apply the Australian guidelines. 

Download the Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol. You will find the full guidelines and the underlying evidence base. 

The guidelines provide health professionals, policy makers and the Australian community with evidence-based advice on the health effects of drinking alcohol. They aim to help individuals make informed decisions about drinking alcohol, and are also intended to form the evidence base for policy making and educational materials.