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Drinks Meter

NSW Health has launched a new free smartphone app, Drinks Meter. Hand holding mobile phone showing a picture of a bottle and the words drinks meter

Drinks Meter is a user-friendly phone app that gives you confidential, personalised feedback about your alcohol use based on advice from doctors and Australian guidelines.

Drinks Meter:

  • is free to download
  • allows you to easily enter alcoholic drinks you have had in the past 7 days
  • adds up your weekly spend on alcohol
  • shows what you've been drinking in equivalent standard drinks
  • shows what you've been drinking in the kilojoules/calories you've consumed, equivalent to foods like cheeseburgers or chocolate bars
  • shows you how your drinking compares with national alcohol guidelines and other users of Drinks Meter
  • personalises your feedback adjusted to risk factors based on family and medical history (e.g. BMI, prescription medication, mental illness and addiction)
  • has tools to help you cut down your drinking, like weekly goal setting and a drinking diary
  • includes an interactive pouring tool to help you understand how much is a standard drink.

Find out more on the NSW Health website Your Room.

Get started by downloading the Drinks Meter app through your app store: