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Sydney Morning Herald Photos1440

Exhibition Date

Saturday 3 December 2016 to Sunday 29 January 2017



Opening Hours

  1. Today
    1. 10am to 5pm
  2. Tomorrow
    1. 10am to 5pm
  3. Monday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  4. Tuesday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  5. Wednesday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  6. Thursday
    1. 9am to 8pm
  7. Friday
    1. 9am to 5pm


There are 1440 minutes in a day. In these minutes photographers capture a moment. These moments make up a day

The Sydney Morning Herald’s photography exhibition Photos1440 features 20 graphic panels of the best published and unpublished images by Sydney Morning Herald photographers from 2015 to the present.

A photograph looking down a road lined with electricity poles - the air is coloured grey and yellow by particles in the air.

Nick Moir @nampix, Gust front, 2016

Sponsored and supported by Fairfax Media and Clique

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